Friday, February 20, 2009

More re-posted songs!

Here's the last batch of requested re-posts.

64 Spiders -- single

Thrown-Ups -- misc. songs

The U-Men -- Step on a Bug

Les Thugs -- "Chess and Crime" 7"

Bundle of Hiss -- misc. tracks

Vexed -- misc. tracks

H-Hour -- misc. tracks

Dickless -- "All Stars" 7," I'm a Man EP, and "Sweet Teeth"

Cat Butt -- Journey to the Center of Cat Butt EP and "64 Funnycars" 7"

I hope this just about covers everything. At some point in the future, we may re-post some more material.

I'll also note that it really pleases us that somebody requested the Dickless songs. Those were seminal records from the pre-Nevermind grunge era, and if you don't download anything else, man, by all means download those!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Requested reposts


Here is the first batch of requested re-posts. We'll add more either later today or sometime later this week. I'll start with the original list of requests that I posted last week, and we'll add recent requests from the comments section over time.

Bloodloss -- The Truth Is Marching In

Bloodloss -- "Broke" 7"

Bloodloss -- "Face Down in Mud" 7"

Tad -- "Tuna Car," "Hollow Man," and "Nipple Belt" from the God's Balls LP

Screaming Trees -- Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue EP (this one may have two copies of each song, for some reason)

Wellwater Conspiracy -- singles

Room Nine -- Voices of a Summer's Day

The Freewheelin' Mark Arm -- "Masters of War" 7"

Malfunkshun -- Misc. tracks from Deep Six and Another Pyrrhic Victory

(Note: the links above are only for the Malfunkshun tracks and not for the entire records.)

Green River -- demos (make sure you peek at the comments from lamestain's original 2007 posting of the demos, as ex-Green River drummer Alex Shumway corrected us about some of the track labeling)

We'll be back later with more.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reposted songs

Several people have requested that we re-post some dead links. Here are some of the requests we've received:

Bloodloss The Truth Is Marching In
Wellwater Conspiracy singles
Screaming Trees "Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue" ep
Room Nine Voices of a Summer's Day
Mark Arm "Masters of War"
Malfunkshun misc. tracks
Green River demos

TAD was also requested, but the requester didn't specify which TAD was meant.

Anyway, before we re-post anything, we thought we'd see what else people would like us to offer again. We'll do what we can to oblige.

Oh, and several people have requested that we post a record by SGM. Sorry, but we don't have anything by SGM. If anyone does have this record, we may be able to forward it on, but no promises here.