Thursday, February 07, 2008

Some updates and some sad news

First, we'll start with the happier stuff.

If you haven't skimmed through the comments, you missed former Rocket scribe Adem Tepedelen's comment in which he linked to an article he wrote ("Long Live Grunge") for Backfire Magazine. He makes the case for grunge much more eloquently than we've been able to do. It's a terrific read.

Also worth reading is "R.I.P.: Dead Nightclubs of Seattle," a stroll down memory lane by Seattle Times writer Tom Scanlon in which he revisits the sites of long-gone nightclubs and bars. We came across this link while reading Clark Humphrey's excellent Seattle-focused blog MISCMedia.

* * * * *

Now for the sad news: Former Skin Yard and Gruntruck vocalist Ben McMillan died recently of complications related to diabetes. He was 46 years old. We've mentioned before that one of our biggest musical regrets is that we never had the chance to see Skin Yard while they were still active (although we did see Gruntruck at the OK Hotel with Unsane and a couple of other bands), but frankly, that regret seems quite small in light of the fact that this talented, awesome man died at such a young age. Requiescat in Pace, Mr. McMillan.


chad said...

RIP, Ben.

Susan M said...

Very sad. Skin Yard were one of my faves.

AtothemfT said...

Thanks for the pos. feedback on my grunge essay. That originally ran in Backfire mag in the late '90s.

Yeah, Ben's death is really sad. He was a good guy and amazingly talented. And you missed out by not seeing Skin Yard. One of the best from that era. Gruntruck, good as they were, paled in comparison.

Losing Ben is like losing one of the founding fathers of that scene. I know that sounds corny, but he was that there at the beginning of it all and was always an integral part of the scene.

chad said...

I think my wife finally made me get rid of my skin yard t-shirt a year ago. I guess I've reached a point where it is no longer appropriate for me to wear a shirt that says "7 inches of throbbing pink jesus".

I saw Skin Yard before 100 smiling knuckles came out in a tiny poorly attended show in colorado. I still vividly recall Slow Runner and an early version of Jezechrist.

Anonymous said...

RIP, Ben
from Genova, Italy
I'll miss your voice

gunkldunk said...

Damn it. Only 46. Damn it. Ben, I am sorry I only got to see you perform once, but it was quite a memorable show to my young self, and I obsessively collected your recordings ever since! Thank you for the music. RIP.

Anonymous said...

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