Monday, February 18, 2008

Celebrate President’s Day with the Thrown Ups

Regardless of what anybody tries to tell you, songs about bodily fluids are funny. In 1980s Seattle, the go-to band for songs about bowel movements was The Thrown Ups. Self-described “barf music,” the band crapped out three singles and a full-length and stained several compilations before breaking up in 1991. While Seattle prides itself today with its cosmopolitan tastes, we will never forget that she also gave birth to a band of filthy miscreants who once recorded a song called “Eat My Dump.”

Formed in 1984, the band was originally made up of bassist/mastermind Leighton Beezer (ex-Blunt Objects), guitarist Mike Faulhaber (what happened to him?), singer Steve Mack, and drummer Scott Schikler (ex-Limp Richerds). This line-up didn’t last long, as Steve quit, moved to the UK, and joined up with some ex-Undertones in the very-different-sounding That Petrol Emotion, and Scott joined the since-reformed Swallow. Leighton then recruited new band members Ed Fotheringham (vocals), Steve Turner (guitar), and Mark Arm (drums), and this is the version of the band that, according to Trouser Press, recorded some of “the most willfully inept objet de f’art ever knowingly committed to tape.”

The band convinced Tom Hazelmeyer to sign them to his new label, Amphetamine Reptile, who previously only did singles by his own band, the very cool and underrated, Halo of Flies. They debuted in 1987 with the 500-pressed Felch EP. They soon followed with the Smiling Panties (1987; 600-pressed) and Eat My Dump (1988; 600-pressed) EPs and appeared on the first Dope, Guns , and Fucking in the Street EP (with the U-Men, Mudhoney, and Halo of Flies) and the notorious Sub Pop 200 compilation record.

Some songs from the Felch sessions were also included on the 1990 Melancholy Girlhole full-length, but everything else was recorded by Jack Endino at Reciprocal in 1989. Amphetamine Reptile originally released this as a 1000-pressed 3x7 box set, while German label Glitterhouse released it on 12’ vinyl. AmRep also lovingly reissued nearly everything by the band on the 7 Golden Years CD, which you can buy here.

Leighton went on to play in Stomach Pump, whose single on Penultimate records we are still trying to find, and is also behind the official Thrown Ups webpage (there is also a great “unofficial” page here). He also played in El Grande Conquistador, although I am unsure whether they are still around or have released any records. Before Ed gave up the rock ‘n roll life for illustration, he also played in the Sad and Lonelys, Love and Respect, Icky Joey, Eddie and the Back Nine (w/ Flop), and Bushpig (w/ King Snake Roost members). Ed was only on the Bushpig AmRep single, while Steve Turner and Mark Arm were on the record. We’ll eventually post stuff by all of those bands, so sit tight, kids.

For now, though, take some time to reflect on the meaning of President’s Day and enjoy “Person in My Bowels (is Very Sad).”

"Person In My Bowels"
Hot Lunch
Fleshy Web Pit
Sloppy Pud Love

The songs are on a .zip file here.

-- MC Tom


Chris A. said...

These guys should have been your first posting! The definition of the "G" word.

Thanks to the Thrown Ups, there are 5 degrees of separation between My Eye and REM...of course you could probably make that case with any band in Seattle...

I briefly played drums for Leighton's "El Grande Conquistador" and Whiting Tennis' "Scholars" of many drummers that I think included Jack Endino and Joe Culver before me and many after me...Then there's the Steve LaRose connection...(He's the key to everything!)

BTW, check out YouTube...Steve just posted some clips from 1989's LameFest!...

focuspoint said...

How can we contact you? Have a grungy new EP dropping March 8 for you to check out. Please drop us a mail at focuspointmusic(at) Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, how've you been?

Thanks for writing this, Tom -- especially for putting up the poster, which was not previously in my archives. The person in my bowel is happy now.

I might be able to find a Stomach Pump single for you, but as someone mentioned in the My Eye comments, I think they go for about $1000 on eBay.

El Grande Conquistador is going in the studio on Tuesday with Johnny Sangster. So the lamely stained masses are now up to the minute on EGC.

Chris is right about Steve LaRose. If you're really into this shit, you should read his blog and beg him to post more videos from Lame Fest 89.

Keep it up, etc.


sark said...

all good and fine, but how the fuck can i find out something about the altered? yes, i know that hiro yamamoto played with them and that guy from vexed - anything else? if you don't know, i don't know. (duh.)

Lamestain HQ said...

hey Sark,

yeah, the Altered was Hiro and Milton from Vexed. according to Milton, they never recorded a demo. he did mention that they have a crappy sounding rehearsal tape, so hopefully he'll eventually post it on his site:

Anonymous said...


Hey, can we get back to talking about me? Thanks.

Here's the latest from El Grande Conquistador. 8.5 minutes, 2 chords, what more can I say?


Anonymous said...

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