Monday, October 15, 2007

Some updates

We added several links to other blogs on the sidebar. The two that I’ve been checking the most religiously lately are 10 Things Zine and Thee Head Vein. 10 Things is assembled by Dan Halligan, who used to write a punk rock zine in Seattle called Ten Things Jesus Wants You to Know. He updates the blog quite frequently—daily, from the looks of things—with most posts documenting long-gone, obscure punk bands. It’s great stuff. We anxiously await Dan’s coverage of The Recordbreakers! Thee Head Vein is devoted to old school garage rock and the stuff that it has influenced. Although the writer doesn’t focus on any particular region, there’s a fair amount of cross-over with some of the bands we discuss. It’s a great blog with tons of fantastic music.

On the post about Here Ain’t the Sonics, ex-Mono Man Mort left a message with a link to an interview he did on the radio (specifically, Pooner Clark's Locals Only show on KISM) that covers his entire career, starting with his surprisingly excellent high school band (The MPs) and going through The Dehumanizers, Game for Vultures, the Mono Men, and . . . Mort’s an interesting guy and mainstay of the local scene. Give it a listen while you’re at work.

Finally—and this is the coolest news of all—we learned a while back that Green River will be reuniting for a Sub Pop birthday bash next summer! (Actually, we heard about this through the grapevine a while back but have sat on the news, awaiting confirmation.) I can’t express how awesome I think this will be. Mark Arm and Steve Turner played at least one mini-reunion with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard while touring with Pearl Jam (see the samples below), but this will be, from what I understand, the complete band.

The two tracks come from a one-off reunion at a Pearl Jam show in Las Vegas (November 30th,1993), albeit a reunion without Alex Vincent, who will be part of the upcoming reunion. Enjoy!

Swallow My Pride
Ain't Nothing to Do


Yannick said...

Life sucks and green river rocks

I wish I lived in Seattle

"Ain't Nothing To Do"

Susan M said...

I never got to see Green River live (was just barely too young to go see bands at that point), but I'll never forget the big spread The Rocket did on them. I bought their records because of it.

In recent years I took one of my old GR vinyl records to a Brad signing and had Stone sign it. He was tripping out over how old it was, and I was too tongue-tied to say a word about all the times I'd seen Mother Love Bone at places like the Kent Skate King. Argh!

hdvns said...

Thanks for the mention!! I'm honored, I've been enjoying your site for quite awhile! The Northwest has cranked out some fine rock over the years and I'm glad you're documenting it.

Anonymous said...

All the effort is very much appreciated...for some reason, the NW had a large influence on a lot of CT high schoolers in the late 80s/90s..especially TAD, Love Battery, Gas Huffer..I got to see a few shows at the X-Ray in Portland, and the Off Ramp in Seatlle during my "greyhound bus" vacation days. I play alot of bands from the era on my radio show ( if anyone is intersted. Any chance of seeing some of the Hazel singles, or "Airiana"? Thanks for everything!! -Sean

sca said...

why did cat butts write "when the man from geffen comes... shoot him with a gun" on their journey to the center of???

Lamestain HQ said...

No idea on the Cat Butt lyric. Interesting that they mention Geffen, though, since the record predates Nirvana's contract with Geffen.

Yannick said...

Shit I was listening to this live version of swallow my pride all the time, without realising this was a live version.

I bought the cd " this house is not a motel" and there is the original verison song on

Green river - swallow my pride
Seattle, USA. From rehab doll, features a groaning Kim Gordon


Dan 10Things said...

Thanks for the support and link, I'm checking you're blog just as often! Recordbreaker photos will be coming, don't doubt it.

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