Monday, July 23, 2007

Love Battery's Dayglo

Love Battery is best appreciated in specific conditions. Two examples.

Example one: The first time I attempted to see Love Battery happened a little before they released Dayglo at an outdoor concert at Seattle Center’s Mural Amphitheater. I went with a friend of mine who had heard me sing Love Battery’s praises. Love Battery cancelled for reasons I can’t remember, but opening act Flop played a set of their anxious, loud, delightful pop. The weather that day was extremely sunny and warm, and we sat on the grass most of the afternoon enjoying the day. Love Battery’s cancellation seemed like less of a disappointment.

Example two: I brought Dayglo with me on a trip my wife, son, and I took to a Babies R’ Us outside of Chicago (as you can see, we still live the grunge life). Traffic stunk, as it always does on the way to Chicago’s suburbs, but at least we had bright, sunny weather. My wife didn’t care much for the CD; she considered it pretty average. Strangely, Dayglo also sounded distinctly average to me at that point. This struck me as odd, because I love it otherwise.

Because you are discerning enough to read this blog, you’ve already noticed the connection: the sun shone brightly on both days, and if there’s one thing Love Battery wasn’t (at least during that period), it’s sunny weather music.

“Out of Focus” video that, for some reason, cuts off at the 2:30 mark.

Love Battery’s home page notes, “This record sounds best on headphones,” and I agree. Especially about the “great” part. It’s been a favorite of mine during several autumn and winter mornings at work.

We finally saw Love Battery a year or two later at Western Washington University, around the time that Green River/Mother Love Bone alumnus Bruce Fairweather started playing bass, right before they released Dayglo’s follow-up, Far Gone. I recall that the stage was washed with purple and pink lights, with no spotlights. The dark stage lighting gave the show a brooding quality that complemented the echo-heavy guitars of Ron Nine and Kevin Whitworth (ex-Crisis Party) and provided a nice contrast to the shimmering melodies that ice the songs.

Some specs on the record: Jason Finn (future President of the United States of America; drums) and Jim Tillman (ex-U-Men; bass) round out the lineup for this record. Conrad Uno recorded the record at Egg with some help by Posie Jon Auer, who, incidentally, produced the similarly dark, psychedelic debut EP by Truly. I’m told that some editions of Dayglo include the bands cover of Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul,” but I can’t verify this; my version doesn’t include this track. The record appears to be completely out of print, and I can’t find any indication that the band has copies to sell.

MediaMax has been inoperable for nearly a month now, so we’re using the (less user-friendly) to host the mp3s. If you only have the patience to download a couple of tracks, I recommend “Out of Focus” and “Cool School (Trane of Thought).”

Out of Focus
See Your Mind
Side (with You)
Cool School (Trane of Thought)
23 Modern Stories

. . . and of course, the .zip file is available here.



Yannick said...

I only have straight freak ticket from love battery, it's the only album I'm able to find here in Belgium,...
Thanks for posting Dayglo,....

Susan M said...

Thanks so much for this. And the video, too! My husband was friends with Jim Tillman way back in the day, we haven't seen him for years and years, but he was the nicest guy.

Would you happen to have any Room Nine? Ron's band before Love Battery? When I was a teenager I had their album or EP on casette---it might have been a demo, I don't know. But I loved it. I would love to hear it again.

Kegan said...

definitely my favorite Love Battery LP (i say "LP" because Between the Eyes 10"/EP is my all-time fav).

Did you hear about Geezerfest?!

Rod and Rob Daily from Flotation Records will be hosting Geezerfest 2007 at the Crocodile Cafe, August 25th and 26th.

Bands scheduled to appear include: Blood Circus, Catbutt, Coffin Break, Love Battery, Swallow, Snowbud and the Flower People, RC5, Lamar (Chad Channing), Sister Psychic, Valis, Down With People, Green Pajamas, Bug Nasties, Robert Roth, From the North(ex-Malfunkshun) and MORE!

MAN OH MAN! Makes me really wished i still lived in Seattle!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...go see Love Battery & Room Nine (now called Down With People at Geezerfest! Tix on sale through in a couple of days. Get 'em while they last.

moody rod

Anonymous said...

oh man. when ever i hear; side(with you) and Cool School(train of thought)i have to listen to them every day for about a week.

shirilla said...

I remember seeing them on the Far Gone tour, also. In Ohio. Me and my bro kept yelling "CRISIS PARTY" at Kevin trying to get a reaction. The drummer (ex-HELOIS CREED) wound up discussing how much he despised them cuz they apparently sold Wood the "fatal dose." Fairweather just kept talking about how much he LOVED the nut brown ale that happened to be on tap....

SixMile said...

I saw then in Detroit a few years back and Eve's Plumb opened. They still rock.

chdorr said...

visiting family back in Maine and I lucked out and caught Love Battery & L7 in Portland. madde sure to wear my old Satyricon shirt, which they loved! Great band...great goddamn band

Anonymous said...

I opened for them (around 1989) while playing with my band, Yeast. The show was at the Vogue. I remember having a delightful time hanging with the guys in Love Battery. I still think their first two LPs are so evocative of time - so relevant to a movement. I find them very often in my playlists today.

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After the Fact said...

I know this comment's coming way after the fact, but I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for the upload. The only copy of Damaged available elsewhere online skips at the same place, (so everyone's had it off the same torrent!) it's great to hear the song in all it's glory.