Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lamestain Celebrates Issaquah and Regal Select, Part 3: The Return of Rob Vasquez

Well, we are reaching the end of our amazing 3-part series celebrating Issaquah, Washington and one of our favorite garage rock labels of all time, Regal Select, and we are going out with a bang: the Puget Power Act III EP (RS-14). Released in 1991, this EP is a split between Seattle and Portland bands and features Mudhoney, the Nights Kings, Calamity Jane, and Rancid Vat.

The Portland side begins with Calamity Jane, which featured singer/guitarist Gilly Anne Hanner, bassist Megan Hanner, and drummer Lisa Koenig. The band also did some singles on Tim/Kerr records, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Imp, and a few other labels before breaking up in the early-nineties soon after opening for Nirvana in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gilly Ann later joined Starpower (with ex-Crackerbash bassist, Scott Fox), No 2 (with ex-Heatmiser, Neil Gust), and Braille Stars and performed as a solo artist.

Following Calamity Jane is now Texas-based, wrestling maniacs Rancid Vat, or the 2nd greatest band with “Rancid” in their name (#1 is Rancid Hell Spawn, of course). Rancid Vat contributed their version of wrestling star Adrian Street’s “Breakin’ Bones,” which is about how they are only happy when they break people’s bones. Awesomely enough, Rancid Vat weren’t the only Portland punk band made up of wresting fans. Greg Sage of the Wipers might have been the highest profile Portland punk musician/wrestling fan and even made his 1971 recording debut by backing up Portland wrestler Beauregarde for a now-reissued LP; he also posed in front of a bunch of wrestling photos, fliers, and articles for the back cover of his very fine 1985 solo debut record, Straight Ahead. For those of you taking notes, some of Rancid Vat’s members were also in Alcoholics Unanimous, who appeared on Puget Power 2.

The Seattle side starts off with one of my favorite Mudhoney songs, “Bush Pusherman,” which was recorded by Conrad Uno at Egg Studios and can also be found on the brilliant March to Fuzz retrospective double-CD. Following Mudhoney, Rob Vasquez makes a re-appearance on the series with the Night Kings’ song “Black Fluid.” Recorded at Vinyl Manor, the song is another reminder that Rob is the garage rock maestro and is sorely under-appreciated in Seattle. Once again, you can still buy copies of their great full length, Increasing our High, through Sub Pop.

Well, for now that’s it for Regal Select and Issaquah and we can safely say that we have put the town back on the map. Despite hometown boys Modest Mice People’s best efforts, Issaquah is a Rock and Roll Town, and Regal Selects reminds us of that (even if they didn’t release anything by any Issaquah bands). We’ll eventually get to the Puget Power 4 comp, the Kings of Rock, and a few other punk rock chestnuts on Regal Select, but until then enjoy the tunes.

Calamity Jane - "Shark"
Rancid Vat - "Breakin' Bones"
Mudhoney - "Bush Pusherman"
Night Kings - "Black Fluid"

Get them all via a handy zip file here.

--MC Tom


Anonymous said...

Lamestain, with respect to your perspective on Regal Select Records, I would like to set the record straight regarding a few issues. Regal select went under due to issues regarding being sued over the name Regal Select. A former beer company in Olympia did not like that their name was being used to promote punk rock. With respect to Dope records which Rob Vasquez states is "his label", he had nothing to do what so ever with the formation of Dope. In fact if you read the matrix no.'s in the tail off dead wax of the Gorls/Flathead 7", it is clearly marked RS-15. In fact, besides the Gorls "Tracie" 7", which I paid for, what has been released on Dope Records since then. Nothing. I then started releasing 45's on the Rat City Record label, producing 13 releases in a year and a half, before burning out and calling it quits, due to the ever increasing major label takeover of N/W independent music and bands after the Nirvana explosion. Great bands were released on Rat City, Zeek, Primate 5, Sick and Wrong, the Drags, the Spaceshits, the Fingers, Spider Babies, and others. I would also like to state that Rat City would not of been as successful as it turned out without the help and assistance of Zack "Static". I'm forever indebted to him for his kindness and sincerity. Lately i've been fighting the State of WA, and local billionaires due to their minimization of illegal conduct. I was arrested, tried, and acquitted recently of alleged "threats to kill the governor", of Washington State, for which a two million dollars claim is pending before the Office of Risk Management. I recently released an 8-track tape on Regal Select Records of one of the greatest N/W punk bands ever. The Spits. I haven't lived in Issaquah for over 17 years, so don't look for me there. Try North Seattle instead. Michael Goodall.

Lamestain HQ said...

Hi Michael,

thanks for filling in the blanks!

we'll eventually get to Rat City / the Statics / etc... all great stuff.

Will said...

Excellent stuff here, in the article and the comments. I gave you a shout out today at my blog after finding you last night:

Anonymous said...

I haven't see the erstwhile Regal Select founder and reformed record collector for over 15 years.

Howdy Michael....I still have all the 7'' RS product that you gave me.

Anonymous said...

so i heard regal select is going to do some more records is this true? you should get the freak outs . they're pretty good. you might know the guitar players aunt "bon von wheelie" who plays in girl trouble
freak outs-
oh somebody should do something on siblings bands of the grunge people

Anonymous said...

funny funny funny.goodall trying to write in legal ease is scary, yikes,but i cant resists abita input. actually mike gave dawn and myself a chance to release stuff on a sub label connected with regal select,hence the matrix trail off stuff, and Dawn and I went eagerly at it for two releases .Goodall paid for the first one and dawn paid for the last one , thinkin she was gonna get a reimbursed by mike(never did). potato print lim ed covers.back to school covers and all. it was fun and at one of the peaks of our little central district based scene on 27th st, but also where a loosening began with our good buddie Mike Goodall.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was searching the net for anything on Michael Goodall for a book I'm writing. Met him in Helsinki (Finland) in 1987-88, made some vinyl trades. I got early Sub Pop/Regal Select 45s, he got early Gaga Goodies stuff. Yea, I know! If you read this, Michael, drop me a note: zaikimmo (at) gmail com. Miettinen