Monday, June 18, 2007

Lamestain Celebrates Issaquah and Regal Select, Part II

After reading last week’s entry, you’ve no doubt already booked a flight to Seattle, rented a car, and driven 19 miles on I-90 out to Issaquah. However, the temperature in Issaquah today is a cool 59ºF (15ºC), with 54% humidity and a mild 8 MPH breeze; having flown in from Ibiza, you’re no doubt a little chilly. You’re in luck! While doing research on this beautiful city, we learned of not one, but two wireless hotspots that also serve coffee! It’s a small town, so just look at the photos we’ve included and walk around until you find a building that matches them. Once inside, you can write about the adventures you had while hunting down Regal Select Records’ founder Michael Goodall.

Speaking of which . . .

Gas Huffer opens volume two of Puget Power with the decent, if not brilliant, “Spinnin’ Disc O’Fire.” The Derelects have the record’s high point: a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s late-60s jab at Elvis, “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight.” (Really, it’s more of a cover of The Rezillos’ earlier take on the song.) We already wrote about Gas Huffer, and someday we’ll cover The Derelicts, who merit a post of their own. During the heyday of grunge, they played unabashed, hedonistic punk. While their music was hardly consequential, it was fun.

Yummy starts side two, and Alcoholics Unanimous closes it. I don’t know a thing about Alcoholics Unanimous. Yummy was one of James Burdyshaw’s post-Cat Butt projects; like 64 Spiders, he handles the vocals. I checked to see if somebody had posted a myspace page for Yummy, only to see that my search yielded dozens of pages. Probably wise of Bro James to have dropped that name.

Gas Huffer “Spinnin’ Disc O’ Fire”
The Derelicts “Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight”
Yummy “Super Dyke”
Alcoholics Unanimous “You Can’t Hurt a Drunk”

The songs are also on this easier-to-download .zip file.

On a different subject, if you didn’t read the comments for the Mudhoney/Sonic Youth, etc. splits below, one of our readers (DJ Kegan) will be DJ-ing a set of grunge at Chicago’s Continental (on California and Chicago) on June 20th. Kegan writes, “Sure you'll get to hear some Nirvana, Soundgarden, and yer Mudhoney, but these boys will be DIGGING DEEP. How 'bout some Cat Butt and Blood Circus?! Ever listen to the lonely moans or daddy hate box? you will soon...”

Daddy Hate Box? The Lonely Moans? I’m stunned! Regrettably, our six-month-old son keeps us at home and in bed on weekday nights, but other Windy City residents have no excuse. Go check this out! And please, let me know how it was.



coops2001 said...

Another great post. Love Gas Huffer. First saw them on Hype! doing hotcakes - they really started to grow on me. My 4 year old likes them too (he also likes 64 Spiders, Cat Butt, Gravel and Hammerbox - No american idol for him!).

Thought for a post: how about one that looks at some of the new bands that some of these guys moved to later in life - e.g., Valis, Mog Holly, Pigeonhed, etc?

Also 64 Spiders played at the Funhouse last November. Has anyone seen any copies of that show floating around?

Keep up the great work! FYI - liked the Gravel post so much that I went out and bought both their CDs.

Kegan said...

thanks for the plug! it'll be a great time on Wed!

i have a jpg for the show, if you want to post (i can't seem to figure out how to post it here...maybe i'm not supposed to).

email me on myspace and i can send along this jpg.

looking hard for my Gruntruck,

Yannick said...

this is raw shit, I love it,...

shirilla said...

Y'all are doing an amazing thing here. I was beginning to feel the love for this golden era as fading into oblivion. I'm the second half of the Chicago grunge nite duo, by the way. Thanks for the kudos. And, if i may, some posts on SGM and Crisis Party would be obscurely beautiful...

Anonymous said...


You could find The Lonely Moans on Sub Pop's Texas Love Goat bw Shoot the Cool 7-inch single or even Lots o' Life on Dope, Guns and Fucking in the Streets Vols 1-3.

Daddy Hate Box is available on Teriyaki Asthma Vols. I-V


Anonymous said...

Who are you lamestain and why are you saying those terrible things about me. Michael Goodall

tkestas said...

I've had Blood Circus in my stable now for about 15 years. Sickest chainsaw guitar I've ever laid my ears on. Although it's not particularly violent or pornographic, the intensity could damage the psyche of minors. Use caution, headphones and maximum volume for the full effect if you can get your hands on some.

Anonymous said...

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