Monday, June 11, 2007

Lamestain Celebrates Issaquah and Regal Select, Part I

While doing research for this week's installment, our college intern came across the below three paragraphs from a 1993 'Enjoy Issaquah' tourist pamphlet.

"From its humble beginnings as a mining town to its current, booming hi-tech industry, Issaquah, which is only seventeen miles east of downtown Seattle, has seen tremendous changes since it was incorporated in 1892. While the businesses on Main Street and the local economy may have changed, the town has retained its strong sense of community and down home heartedness. The townsfolk, most of whom have long ago traded their logger overalls for Khaki's and flip flops, are welcoming and good natured in a classic, Small Town American way. Walk down any street, pop into any business and you will be greeted with a warm smile by any one of our 11,000 local residents....

Perhaps visit Sherman's Feed Store and you might encounter Judy Lozano, whose unequaled knowledge of local bird-life might help you identify the small, red-winged flying bird that is nesting in your garage. Or perhaps you may meet Jeffery Bobbins at the Ole Barbershop on 25th and Lake Street and listen to his fascinating stories about how hairstyles have changed in his 35 plus years as a barber. If Gridiron is your passion, check out the Issaquah Eagles try for yet another victory while you cheer for Junior College bound Chip Darren so he might throw for 100 yards and two touchdowns in front of a cheering home stand.... Or maybe, you can talk about obscure garage rock with Regal Select Record's founder, Michael Goodall, at the summer record swap."

Not surprisingly, the pamphlet went on to further talk about Regal Select:

“Debuting with Tom Price’s post-U-Men band, the Kings of Rock, Regal Select has released singles by the Nights and Days, the Fall-Outs, the Mummies, Girl Trouble, 64 Spiders, Gorilla, Thee Headcoats, Yummy, and four Puget Power compilation EPs. The first Puget Power (catalog #008) single was recorded at Reciprocal Studios in 1989 and released in 1990 and featured otherwise unreleased songs by Rob Vasquez’s The Nights and Days, the Fall-Outs, Bellingham’s the Mono Men, and Sugar Sugar.”

We originally planned on doing a never-ending Regal Select retrospective series, but certain constraints (such as them not doing very many records) forced us to narrow it down to three parts so we will just focus on the first three Puget Power singles. The fourth EP, which features Flathead, the Statics, Sinister Six, and Head, was lost in transit when we sent it to our outsourced office in India to be digitalized. We will eventually come back to it at a later date.

As far as the EP, The Mono Men song features an early, pre-Mort line up; the still-going-strong Fall-Outs feature the classic lineup of Dave, Shannon, and Dino; Sugar Sugar featured Tim Hayes of Kings of Rock, Helldorado, Hormones fame and also used to take ¾ of my paycheck when he owned the much missed Fallout Records. He’s about to open a new bar on 65th in Ballard later this summer and will once again be taking most of my money. You can also learn more about the genius of Rob Vasquez and the Nights and Days here.

The Nights and Days – “Ya
The Fall-Outs – “Greed
The Mono Men – “Pete’s Pango
Sugar Sugar – “Living Daylights"

Get them all via a handy .zip file here.

-- MC Tom

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