Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Green River demos

One of the coolest things to have happened since we started this blog (after Tad’s comment a week or two ago) was when one of the readers, Casey, sent me mp3s of Green River’s first demo tapes. This juice has fermented in the bottle long enough, so we’re posting those mp3s.

Casey sent a couple of batches of mp3s, one of which was labeled “1984 demos” and the other of which was labeled “1985 demos.” The two selections had quite a bit of cross-over (not just the same songs, but the same recordings of songs), and as happens with demo tapes that have been circulated over many years, the labels didn’t always agree with each other. However, judging from some of the performances, it does appear that they recorded some songs in 1984 and one or two others in 1985. I went through the demos as carefully as I could and removed redundant material. To keep things clear, I’ll refer to them as “the 1984 demos” and “the 1985 demos,” even though most of the material clearly came from the earlier session.

“New God” and “Tunnel of Love” were the only songs from the 1984 demo to later appear (in different recordings) on Come on Down; the 1985 demo erroneously labels these same recordings as “Personality Meltdown” and “Leech,” respectively. The untitled track, which cuts off after about 20 seconds, appears only on the 1984 demo. The same recordings of “Leech,” “Fear,” “Baby Help Me,” and “33 rps” also appear on both demos (as “33 RPM” [which makes more sense than “33 rps”], “Against the Grain,” “Baby Help Me Forget,” and “New God,” respectively). Finally, an early and radically different version of “10,000 Things” (from the Deep Six compilation) appears here as “Twist.”

The 1985 demo contains a version of “Bazaar” that doesn’t appear on the 1984 demo and differs from the version on Another Pyrrhic Victory. Finally, “Together We’ll Never” sounds to like it came from another source; perhaps this version appeared on the Tasque Force Records “Together We’ll Never”/ “Ain’t Nothing to Do” single (which I never owned), as it’s not the version on Rehab Doll; the mp3 has loads and loads of hiss, as if it were a tenth-generation tape.

I emailed former drummer Alex Vincent to ask about the demos, and he wrote a long response that, for some reason, fails to get delivered into my in box. I’ll post it when I finally receive it.

Also, for the hell of it, I’m throwing in the Melvins’ cover of “Leech,” from Gluey Porch Treatments. The mp3’s tag mislabels the song, but rest assured, it’s the right track.

New God
Tunnel of Love
Baby, Help Me
33 RPS
Together We'll Never

Melvins -- "Leeech"

All of the songs can be accessed via .zip file here. Considering the bandwidth used by all of these tracks, I highly recommend that you download the .zip file and not each track individually.



SeattleAlex said...

The song that is you have titled "Untitled" is actually called "Personality Meltdown" and is sung by Steve. The one that you have titled, "Twist Fear" is actually titled "Against The Grain."

- Alex...

SeattleAlex said...

Oops, I screwed up - the song you have listed as "Twist" is the original version of "10,000 Things," and "Fear" is really titled "Against The Grain."

- Alex...

Brent said...

just found yr blog when trying to track down a digital version of the sy/mudhoney split. (no digitizing capability here, although i do have the vinyl.)

thanks for all of this from a fellow chicagoan! any chance these demos will come back up?

kkorrrnnyyassjokkkerrrrr said...

Damn it, the links for New God, Tunnel of Love, Untitled and Leech don't work (anymore)... I'd love to get these demos, would you mind posting the four missing songs again?
Sorry for bothering you, your blog is great.

Steve said...

any chance you could post these demos again? I'd love to hear them. It's pretty impossible to find Green River stuff, especially on the East Coast.

Nick said...

Any chance you'd re-up the "Together We'll Never" demo, or possibly send it to me? It was the only broken link when I downloaded these.

As a side note, the first 8 tracks here are on Pearl Jam's Hallucinogenic Recipes box set, available by torrent if anyone's curious.

Great blog too, I enjoy every post!

matt said...

think you would be able to re-upload the zip file?

none of the links work whatsoever :(

- matt.

armillaria said...

my favourite the green river demos, and the two early show (10-24-87, 7-1-84)

beruangmalaya said...

lol...i try to download green river demo but the page has expired so could you please uploaded it again?really appreciate that

Manuel said...

post back the links again please

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there is a chance that you return to the "Together We'll Never" demo, or maybe send it to me? He was the only broken link when I downloaded these.

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I love their music!

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