Monday, May 07, 2007

A fool and his heart are soon parted: Hazel

The always excellent Something I Learned Today blog recently posted several songs from Hazel’s two LPs, Toreador of Love (which features one of the most atrocious cover photos ever) and Are You Going to Eat That?, and their Ariana EP. This led us to dig out two early Hazel singles and to bring ‘em to you people.

First, the basics: the band consisted of Pete Krebs (guitar, vox), Jody Bleyle (drums, vocals), Brady Smith (bass), and Fred Nemo (dancing, old person-ness). They formed in Portland, Oregon, and played their first show (w/ Bedspins, Joybuzzer, and the awesome Crackerbash) at some venue called Handprints on Valentine’s Day in 1992. Hazel ceased to function as a full-time band back in 1997, although they still play live once every year or two. Fred Nemo’s homepage is worth perusing, as it includes a complete list of every show they played. A bit more of their history can be learned from a UW Daily article from 1998.

Bleyle’s label, Candy-Ass Records, released the “Heida”/“Pop Uncle” in 1992. For better or worse, it has the usual attributes of a punk record: a simple, hand-drawn sleeve; very raw recording; and only a semblance of competence. Although the songs themselves are okay, it’s easy to tell that the band played their first show only a week before they hit Smegma Studios to record this. We don’t consider “Heida” to be essential.

Their first Sub Pop single, “Jilted”/”Truly,” on the other hand, is fantastic. Hazel recorded these songs again at Smegma and again with Mike Lastra behind the boards, but six months of constant playing and the presence of Kurt Bloch near the studio’s console helped measurably. Strangely, the b-side became the bigger “hit,” although I’ve always preferred “Jilted.”

And for as awful as the cover of Toreador of Love was, the cover to this single rules.

Pop Uncle


The songs can be found in the .zip file here.



christine said...

I saw these guys live in Cleveland in '93. Such a GREAT show. I love the 7" version of Truly. Much better then the one on the album. Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an editorial assistant at Seattle Magazine, and we are planning on mentioning the blog in an upcoming issue, and I am wondering, for fact checking information, if I might be able to get the names of you two brothers for the piece. Please let me know as soon as possible if it works for you. Email me at Thanks!

Zenmaster said...

Hey, I'm a big fan - I used to have this on 7" you guys know if anyone has an mp3 version? These links are broken unfortunately - and Jilted is an AMAZING song! Any idea where I can find it? If so, you rock!

Brooklyn Bill said...

oh, please fix this link! i had those records and now they're lost forever aside from here. sorta!

fred said...


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Handsome Pete said...

Please re-up the Jilted 7".

Quinn said...

This is cool!