Sunday, December 03, 2006

Buzzo Goes to Bitburg

By now, everybody acknowledges that the Melvins are the Greatest Band of All Time. For my money, the Gluey Porch Treatments through Lysol era is some of the best heavy music ever recorded. They are the standard that all other heavy music is judged against. The Melvins’ influence can be found from everything to grunge, "alternative metal" (truly an awful term), doom metal, stoner metal, and drone metal. Their inspiring story of small town boys turned international jetsetters is well known, so instead of that, here’s something about their first live album.

This record was recorded live in Alzey, Germany on January 23, 1991 and released as Your Choice Live Series Volume 12. At the time of this record, Lori Temple Black (aka Lorax, or Shirley Temple’s daughter) was playing bass in the band. The label was run by Tobby Holzinger, and other bands in the series were Ripcord, Neurosis, Poison Idea, Leatherface/Jawbox, Scream, Steel Pole Bathtub, and many more. The label also donated part of the proceeds to animal rights organizations. The record was released a few months before Bullhead and leans mostly towards Ozma material (“At a Crawl,” “Koolegged,” “Let God Be Your Gardener,” “Revulsion.” “Heater Moves and Eyes,” and “Eyes Flys” were from Gluey Porch Treatments or Ozma; “Anaconda” was from Bullhead; and “Tanked” was as early version of Eggnog’s “Wispy.” They also performed “It’s Shoved” at the show, but it was left off the record and can be found on the It’s Your Choice Live compilation.

This record is now out of print, but you can’t really enjoy a live record by listening to mp3s. MP3 breaks kill the record’s flow, so try and track this CD down at your local used record shop. The Melvins also released the great, recorded-in-Australia Alive at the Fucker Club on Amphetamine Reptile in 1998, but that’s sadly also out of print. You can buy the live Melvins / Fantomas Big Band and Live Houdini records here.

Heater Moves and Eyes
At a Crawl

-- MC Tom


Matt said...

Great :D now i cant wait to see them next week

aa said...

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