Thursday, September 14, 2006

Suuuuuuub Pop, Rock City

Three weeks ago, I was hunting around The Hype Machine for the first time, punching random bands into their search engine. I entered "TAD," and to my pleasure and surprise, some blogger had posted mp3s for TAD's split single with Pussy Galore. This took me aback. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, this single would taunt me from the back wall/glass cases at the Cellophane Squares in the U-District and Bellingham.

The surprise was so great that I spilled coffee on my flanel and dropped a heroin needle on my Chuck Taylors.

Coincidentally, my brother (who will also post here) and I had been talking about this very 7" a couple of months earlier. He had gone on a grunge tear at the local record stores, snapping up all of the formerly overpriced grunge records he could find, now that the genre was at a popular nadir. Between those records, the ones we already had, and the stuff that I've unearthed on the Web, we had accumulated a pretty decent collection of records that few people felt they had a use for anymore.

And what better repository of useless records and information than the internet? Thus, the blog.

What will we dump--er, add here? Well, Pearl Jam never did anything for either of us, and they're already pretty well represented on the internet. So there will be none of that. There will also be no Mad Season, no Candlebox, and no Alice in Chains (unless we can figure out a means of digitizing their glam metal demo tape).
Did I say no Mad Season? No Mad Season. We'll basically limit ourselves to rare-ish stuff by the bigger artists and unheard or forgotten (sometimes justly) stuff from lesser-known artists. We also don't want to limit ourselves to grunge, either. However, most of the bands we want to focus on could conceivably share bills with one another.

We both lead busy lives, so we'll likely update lamestain only once a week. The songs will add will be dictated by what vinyl we're able to digitize. We also probably won't give away complete LPs that are still in print.

So, without further ado . . .

"Okay, could we get our dollar back, Bruce?"

Soundgarden: "Sub Pop Rock City" (from the Sub Pop 200 compilation)


Steve said...

Hey Lamestain --

If you want I'll loan you my Dickless "I'm a Man"/"Saddle Tramp" 45.

Later dudes -- Steve

Anonymous said...

Ummm... it's "can we get our *drummer* back". For real. I oughtta know ;}

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for adding antipodean underground to your blog list... could you email me please via my website

cousin creep

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